$5 ‘Appy Hour

This past Thursday I visited one of my favorite spots for happy hour.  Located in Montgomery NJ, Tusk restaurant offers a phenomenal happy hour spread.  For $5 you can get pot stickers, sushi, calamari, nachos, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink.  Top that off with a $2 draft and you got what my grandfather calls a smorgasbord! For those of you who aren’t Danish that means so much food you have to un-do the top button of your pants and hope no one notices. $25 and 2 drinks later I was stuffed to the gills full of delicately fried calamari in a sweet and tangy sauce and 12 hand rolled fresh sushi rolls which I split with my friend.  You may think because the price is discounted, the quality of the food goes down.  Think again!  The food was delicious and portion sizes weren’t shrimpy by any means.  At the end of the meal we were both full AND had food leftover.  After we split the check in 2 the meal, drinks, and tip only cost me $14.00.  Considering one app on the regular menu will run you about the same price, I’d call that savings even Scrooge McDuck would be proud of.

Like I said in my previous happy hour exposé, you don’t have to travel halfway across the ocean like Marlin looking for Nemo to find good deals. Restaurants all over the place offer a selection of appetizers or small plates for a discounted rate at happy hour. Check out happy hour specials in your area and get saving!

Keep your wallets full and your mouths happy
❤ DD

Copyright  © 2012 Christine Van Arsdalen. All Rights Reserved.


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