WWOTW- Scandal, Surprise, and Slurping

Well this week I’m drinking out of Toby Keith’s beloved vessel, a red solo cup.  Classy I know, but my usual penguin adorned wine glass is temporarily retired due to the fact that my kitchen is getting renovated, and I have nothing but empty walls, paper plates, and takeout food.  Cheap beer holder aside, I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised when I tasted  “The Chardonnay Conspiracy;”  further proof that when your mom told you it’s what inside that counts, it wasn’t just to make you feel less rejected.

Conspiracy is definitely a good word to describe this week’s wine; that, or devil in disguise.  The bottle says Chardonnay, but the slight fizz and sharp tangs tell my taste buds it’s a Pino or a Sauv.  I guess that would make it one really good spy.  If I hadn’t seen the label, I probably would have argued with you like my Grandma when you told her you didn’t want to go to church on Sunday. The usual heavy oak, vanilla, and pear notes of a traditional chardonnay are replaced by luscious tropical fruit, an invigorating acidity and shock GRAPE, producing an effect similar to throwing a Techno DJ in a 60 year Ivy League Reunion.

The fact that it is a bright Chardonnay is scandalous. Throw in the fact that the flavor of the grape isn’t covered by overbearing fruit, and you have a front page story.  Each sip is bursting with lively flavors like the zesty bite of a fresh pineapple, the slight tartness of a crisp green apple, and the light sweetness of a white grape, that will make your mouth come alive like a Light Bright. And if that isn’t enough, this is one of the only wines I have tasted where I can say I have honest to God say tasted the grape. This is definitely a wine that breaks the mold and stands out from the crowd. Get excited America; this is not your parent’s Chardonnay !

Keep you wallets full and your mouths happy!

❤ DD

Copyright © 2012 Christine Van Arsdalen. All Rights Reserved


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