WWOTW- Little J, Big taste

Happy Weds Kids! I apologize for lack of posting last week but duty called. C‘est la vie (I have no idea if that is spelled right by the way, I minored in Spanish). This is completely off topic, but I am half watching TV and it all seems like re-runs. Either TV has gone downhill or I’ve just gone off the deep end from exhaustion. But hey, that what Wine Wednesday’s are for right? This week’s wine is special for two reasons.  One, I spent 20 minutes walking around the liquor store trying to figure out what in God’s name it was called, and two, it bears the same initial as my big sister, Jenn.  Ironically the brand was a recommendation from my sister; however my brain as my Mom would say “did not compute.” I literally left the liquor store with a different bottle, which was also a diamond in the rough – translation bargain basement price with designer flair.  Think of it as a lingering kiss or a drink with a friend, one of those little things that make life a little sweeter.

Moving on to reason number two, the name of my pick this week is Little J.  Though it probably would have had more sentimental value if it was called Big J or Puff (don’t ask, she would kill me if I told you), the tropical notes of the body stir up warm memories of summers with my sister. At first there is a light playful sweetness that tastes like a day at the beach, soft at first then surprisingly refreshing. You can almost taste the kiss of the warm sun; the subtle sweetness of a ripe melon, followed closely by a tangy burst of fresh guava that takes you away on a relaxing vacation.  Then, much like the ocean, you are hit with a lively and vibrant bite that invigorates your taste buds; an almost sparkling note that comes from the grape variety “Grüner Veltliner” paired with a faint hint of white pepper. While Little J is light like a summer wine I think it would be a good pairing with seafood any time of the year, bright enough to enhance it without taking away from the delicacy of the fish.


Keep you wallets full and your mouths happy!

❤ DD

Copyright © 2013 Christine Van Arsdalen. All Rights Reserved


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