The “X” factor

For the first “Winseday” in a while, I find myself with a moment to actually sit and relax.  Of course what that really means is I finally have some time kick back and share my musings about an affordably priced bottle of wine.  I have to admit, it felt surprisingly good to walk into the liquor store this evening.  I instantly felt a sense of calm and comfort; like seeing an old friend for the first time in years.  Yes, I realize that may make me sound like an alcoholic, but to each their own right? Overwhelming exhaustion tends to have that effect on people.

I would be lying if I told you that I picked my feature of the week for a particular reason.  In all actuality, it was in front of my face, it had a screw top, and it was $14. So, I pulled a bottle of X Winery’s White Blend off the shelf and the rest is history.  While the fact that I am too lazy to uncork a bottle is probably a sad commentary on my character, today it was definitely a stroke of dumb luck (or an act of accidental genius).

The wine is fragrant and intense in a good way.  To me it tastes like Jersey in a bottle; bold and loud but sweet and sophisticated. The first thing you taste is a burst of tangy orange entangled with zesty lemon.  Both flavors together create a fresh lively note that is rounded out by a slightly nutty undertone.  After “the fire” comes the sweet perfume of sensual vanilla, nectarous honeysuckle, and juicy melon.  There is a slight minerally finish that leaves you with an overly pleasant taste. True to Jersey form, it can definitely hold it’s own against red meat, fish, or anything else you can think to pair it with.  While I normally don’t enjoy assertive wines, I am definitely putting this one on my summer drinking list.


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