WWOTW- She’s a Laday

The great writer Shakespeare once asked “What’s in a name?”  I doubt when he wrote the profound question he ever fathomed a name like “Sweet Bitch” would come along. Personally I would love to see how Shakespeare would react to that one. I can picture him turning to some whiny girl and saying “thou doth protest too much.” Of course the other thing that comes to mind is not so celebrated Jersey Shore “star” who openly proclaims to be “the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet.” Not so surprising that a bottle of wine bears a similar name.  Though I think the wine may be a bit more classy.

photo (1)

However, in this case a fantastic bottle of Pinot Grigio is in a name.  Admittedly is a bit sweeter than most of the wines that I partake of, but I find myself continually sipping it.  It has a sort of honeysuckle nectar overtone intertwined with notes of juicy pear and ripe melon. The sweet, as the name promises, gives way to the “bitch;” a more tangy note of fresh pineapple and lemon zest. Overall it has a very well balanced smooth full body reminiscent of bedroom eyes which I find rather enjoyable (get your mind out of the gutter I mean the body not the eyes).   I definitely packs a punch and can most likely hold its on with pretty much anything  as any good good bitch can.  I will be putting this one on my summer retainer.

 Keep your wallets full and your mouths happy

❤ DD

Copyright © 2013 Christine Van Arsdalen. All Rights Reserved



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